betwixt & between




i'm treading a threshold space; that drifting, dreamy, sort of in-between where i gather my bits and pieces before setting off in a new direction.*

it's the shifting season, perhaps...the tendrils of autumn are creeping quietly in, despite summer's insistence that she's not finished with us yet. she's been harsh and brutish - the punishing heat and a lack of rain has sorely tested my limits.  i know many people mourn the end of this time of year, but i'll quite frankly be glad to see the back of it.

or maybe it's the whole back-to-school vibe.

nothing says Fresh Start like new notebooks and sharpened pencils.

either way, it's a delicious-thrill sort of feeling.

it's the kind of feeling i get from wearing woolly cardigans and breathing in the steam from a fresh mug of tea; like anything and everything is possible, ripe with magic and just waiting for me to turn my full attention to it.

soonish, then.

i do hate to keep the magic waiting.

~m. xo

ps. girl-child introduced me to this band...which is all kinds of brilliant. i particularly love how my kid listens to such awesomely unconventional music.

*not exactly a new direction, more of a same-but-slightly-altered-perspective direction. same but different, yes?