dead simple

so there i was, all fired up with the idea to resurrect my Wuthering Heights Farm blog -- which started off as one thing, veered unhappily into another, before ending up under dust sheets and then eventually being swallowed by the Squarespace vortex.... ...oh, wait! a bit of explanation is perhaps in case there's anyone [not likely as i haven't exactly lured the masses here with my insights and slightly pernicious wit] who didn't know me back then.

first, a photo of my gardenish ambitions:  <--- seed-saving is a realm into which i've yet to tread. until now.

seed pods

the WHF blog was devoted mostly to my gardening/homesteading dreams/delusions and when i realized the extent of my delusions, combined with the sudden panic of realizing my life was On Display where anyone could find it, namely - people i actually knew in real life, i plunged into a Doom Spiral of epic proportions and shut 'er down.

which also coincided with the beginning of my great search for the meaning of the internet.

in the meantime - so as not to lose touch with some lovely readers/friends, i thought i'd replace WHF with a TinyLetter.

if you've subscribed at some point, you know how well that went.

i just don't get the same feeling from a mass-mailed letter, as i do from writing a blog post. i found it very hard to sit down and write in that format.

erstwhile, the meaning of the internet continued to elude me.

i knew i wanted to be part of it, even though i mostly hated it.

except for the parts that i really loved.

through the kitchen


so now you're current....

recently, as i tried to reassemble some form of digital presence in this space, which originally was only intended to accommodate the queries and curiosities of my vast readership, <-- there again, the need for the dripping-with-sarcasm font ---> it occurred to me that i just don't play well with others * and that was Really Quite Okay.

in addition, i realized [again] that despite my general contrariness, i actually really do love blogs and blogging. i've given up just about every other digital realm, but i still read blogs and i still want to write one.

naturally, i then asked myself the perennial, and pertinent, question -- if i'm going to launch back into blogging,  should i have a separate blog for my life-in-general know, the photos of seeds and flowers, the odd chicken and random shots of my house?

ink blots, after all, is supposed to be Serious and About My Writing and Other Properly Done Things.


so there i was, earlier this afternoon, delving into the process of setting up another blog....a reanimation of Wuthering Heights Farm.

i was enthused! i had renewed optimisim!

and then i realized that i really CBA** with all that setting up of new site malarky.

the cost of hosting, the time spent faffing -- because oh, how i love to faff! -- ugh! sucked the enthusiasm and optimism right out of me.

cue revelation!

make use of what you already have.

you don't need anything extra or anything fancy.

that's not the point.

which is a very long-winded way of telling you, Dear Reader, that this little digital patch of mine is about to become truly mine.

which is to say - without expectation or obligation; no ulterior motives or editorial agenda. <-- not like that actually existed before now anyway, but just in case you were worried i was going all LYD*** on you.

so....general rabbitings and natterings of an assorted and not necessarily-related nature.

of course, there will be bookish things and dangerous thoughts and the fanning of flames.

but there will also be ravens and roses and daydreams.

slow. simple. life.

just how i like it.

*happy sigh*

~m. xo


*when i say 'others', i mean  the vast majority of the internet  the shouty people of the internets.

** canna be arsed

*** Live Your Dream