i'd just as soon not

isn't that a marvelous phrase?

[stag_icon icon="quote-left" url="" size="25px" new_window="no"]  i'd just as soon not  [stag_icon icon="quote-right" url="" size="25px" new_window="no"]

it has a feeling of firm, yet quiet, refusal.  no hysteria. no drama. a simple assertion of preference. powerful, yet with such a hint of passivity as to not engender opposition.

anyway, it's pretty much how i'm feeling at the moment.


it's that strange, in-between time, don't you think?  that neither-here-nor-there between Chrimbly and the new year where there's a vague feeling of expectation.

i feel as if i ought to be doing something of note, and yet can't seem to summon the inclination.

isn't it, customarily,  the time for Taking Stock, Doing Review, Making Plans, Setting Goals and all that?


i'm afraid i simply CBA*.

in fact, i'd just as soon not.

i'm not sure if it's fatigue or gloom or perhaps something of a pervading ennui, that has me in it's grip.

whatever it is, i've decided not to fight it - i usually do and it rarely serves me well.

instead, i'm going to huddle within the walls of my book fort**, drink inadvisable quantities of tea and gaze moodily out of the window.

and you, Dear Reader? Big Plans afoot for 2017?


*translation for new readers... Canna Be Arsed.

**phrase coined by the luvverly Antoinette and entirely Perfect for the act of surrounding oneself with a delightsome stack of books.