in absentia

img_1330 we ran out of internet. so there's that.

having run out of internet and thusly having slower-than-stupid loading speeds/connectivity, i honestly CBA to turn on my computer.

for some reason, the silly pink phone was marginally faster, but i hate using it, so there's that, too. and all i can really do with that is check the weather and scroll through The Instagram.

i'm deep in the throes of a love/hate thing with The Instagram.

mostly i just love/hate the internet.

actually, no, not hate...i'm internet-averse at the moment.

every time i'm away, it's just that slightly bit more difficult to come back.

mostly i'm just avoiding stuff. because, however ridiculous it may seem, i actually struggle with overwhelm when i see all manner of unread blog posts in my feed.

it makes me twitchy.

so then i just avoid turning on the computer.

and then my Inbox backs up and i get even twitchier and so i avoid turning on the computer even more

but i pushed through. long enough to surface and say "hey" and "sorry if i've missed one of your posts".

because this little bloggy world is really very important to me and i don't want to neglect it.

re-entry is hard and i'm feeling pretty Thinky* these days.

which makes for mostly pen-to-paper noodling, and conversations with you in my head. it's a bit one-sided, but you're grand listeners.

i'm here (sort of) and i see you (definitely) and i love what you're doing. ( a lot)

back soon-ish,

~m. xo

*writerly noodlings. very tap-your-pen-to-your-lips stuff.