pen to paper

i've joined in with Susannah Conway's August Break this year -- actually, girl-child and i have joined in together....having promised ourselves Something Brilliant if we keep up the commitment.  i won't say what the Something Brilliant is, because i don't want to jinx us, but, trust me,  it's Really Brilliant and something we've been talking about doing for a long while. the stakes are high - if either one of us reneges, we don't get our Something Brilliant so it's all about the accountability.

and the astronomical burden of guilt over being the one who Ruins Everything. :)


the prompt for day three was 'handwriting'....

cue my photographic offering:   {here's a little secret...there isn't actually tea in the cup yet...the kettle was still boiling when i took the photo. alas, my succulent was in the other room, as was my vintage rolling pin.*}


...which started me musing on...well....handwriting. or, perhaps more specifically, writing by hand.

i think it's another one of those things that has fallen out of fashion.  they don't teach cursive writing in schools anymore and most/all of girl-child's school assignments are to be typed up or, even more commonly, 'shared' with her teacher via The Cloud.  <-- dire prophecies of solar flares** evidently seem not to be a concern.

i write in my notebook pretty much every day - even if it's only a few sentences.

i write letters <-YES, i DO! i'm all caught up...if i owe you one, it's already on it's way!

i plot stories***.

i sort out the crazed and bat-crackers workings of my mind...all with pen to paper. it's comforting and cathartic, all at once.

i'm quite convinced i've saved fortunes in therapy by writing in my notebooks.

with all the writing i do by hand, you'd think i'd have fabulous penmanship -- emphatically NOT -- but i do admire those who can write beautifully and legibly.   B's grandmother [who's now 94] was a teacher and still has that gorgeously perfect cursive script that used to be taped above the blackboard, a degree of perfectness to which we were all to aspire.

i realize i would have probably been one of the people protesting the telephone and the electric toaster -- but i can't help think we're losing something vital when we let go of the written word.

it's an evolution, i know -- cave-paintings to illuminated manuscripts to the printing press and so on -- but i'm digging my toes in on this one.

~m. xo

*i have embraced the very thing i mock -- the staged Instagram photo...easily spotted by the artfully placed mugs of tea/coffee [likely cold,but in a hand-thrown mug], potted succulents and/or vintage rolling pins/embroidery scissors.  (snark) :)

** it's a commonly-held view**** by us quasi-Luddites that a solar flare will obliterate The Cloud, rendering modern society without evidence of having existed. at all. ever.

***i hand-write ideas, character outlines, vague story arcs and random details...but when it comes to the actual drafting, i use the computer. if ever when i get stuck, out comes the pen and paper again.

**** not all that common...mostly just Lisa and i.  :)

::: post brought to you, very conveniently,  by this song