pond view spring  

of course, it looks nothing like this anymore.

green has replaced the brown and the world is teeming with life.

we need rain. nothing new there.  hauling water is just a regular part of my routine these days.

the ravens have fledged and gone, the next-door foals are close to weaning and the corn is planted.

we skipped spring altogether - going from snow flurries to 38C in two weeks. but after a hellish stretch of the aforementioned temperatures, the air is clear again.

the outline of trees against the sky is so crisp it almost hurts my eyes. if it were a photograph, you'd probably say it was too bright.

i find myself standing on the edge of the dock, my skirt damp from the dripping watering can, closing my eyes and inhaling deeply, the joy of just being there.

my back aches and the blackflies stab but i don't think i've ever been happier.

my house is a disaster and the paperwork is piling up.

but the bird-feeder is empty and the hens need fresh water; the zucchini has sprouted and so have the beans.

there's rain forecast for Thursday so maybe i'll get the tomatoes planted.

~m. xo