i rarely leave the house on Sundays.

now, by that, i mean i don't leave the property....there are walks with the Emma-dog and the tending of hens and filling of bird-feeders and whatnot, but the car remains happily ensconced in the garage.

i plan it this way.

my hermity nature needs this sort of respite from the requirements of the rest of the week and i'm happy as a pig-in-the-proverbial pottering about the house, tidying, baking, cooking, and periodically reclining with books and tea.

February is often the grimmest of months here, chez Wuthering Heights. the winds are high and bitterly cold and The Bleak starts to fray the edges of one's soul.

"good thing it's a short month!" is something often heard at this time of year. March can still be dodgy, but at least then you know the end is in sight.

i must confess, though, to having not hated winter this year, quite as much as i usually do. i think it has a lot do with having let go of unreasonable expectations of myself, and of surrendering my over-inflated sense of responsibility when it comes to things like thinking i *have* to drive in treacherous conditions. oh, there have been so many white-knuckle journeys! now? simply, no. i just won't. and the world won't end because of it.

i'm also feeding myself so much better than i've done in a long, long while.*  it really does make a difference. but i'll write more on that in a post to come....the philosophy of food is something i'm rather preoccupied with of late.


the sun shone twice this week!...and there was much rejoicing.... but we're back to grey-white skies and moonscapes. there's a grim forecast of (possibly) freezing rain (one of those conditions in which i will NOT drive) for Tuesday. weather forecasting has to be one of the only jobs where you can be vague and/or wrong every time and yet still have a job....

oh! i wanted to share with you, Dear Reader, some very excellent things i found recently:

[stag_icon icon="heart" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"]  this podcast**. a podcast for introverts? a win. a host who sounds like someone i might have known in high school? double win. it's one of those that will have you laughing in a its-funny-cos-its-true sort of way.

[stag_icon icon="heart" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"] also, this one -- a refreshingly honest take on the Live Your Dream philosophy***.  geared towards writers, but a good listen for any creative types, i think.

[stag_icon icon="heart" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"]  this beautiful blog. in particular, this post. this young woman is an utter delight. she's the kind of brave i wish i was when i was her much wisdom in this lovely soul. and those photos....oh, the wild, wild, sea....

[stag_icon icon="heart" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"] and this. oh, my - this. the world is in dire need of more of this. i have a clapping-hands-with-glee vision of the revival of traveling shows...storytelling, puppetry, art and craft. happy, happy, day!

i'm still beavering away at my manuscript....keeping my weekly word-count targets and feeling rather pleased with myself for doing so.

i also took the plunge and signed up for a writing class -- a bigger-than-it-seems undertaking in that it means i'm investing seriously in this writing lark. i want to work on my craft, and to commit to this lunacy in all of the ways. it starts on Wednesday and i'm equal parts terrified and excited.

i have a serious nerd-streak and the idea of assignments and handing-things-in probably delights me more than is reasonable.

so if i'm absent, it's because i'm up to my eyes in words.

which is to say, really happy.

have a lovely week, beautiful people.

~m. xo

* funnily enough, the last time that i remember eating Very Well (when i wasn't living at home, of course) was when i was in Uni...and had absolutely no money. i always cooked from scratch and ate lots of fruit and vegetables. i was vegetarian then, too.

** i was thinking today - idly, as one does - when i was filling the peanut feeder and noting to myself that i needed to buy more peanuts, that although i'm not donating money to Important Causes, as such, i am supporting the things that i believe matter. like independent artists and local wildlife; a couple of dollars in the Patreon hat and a bag of wild bird seed or a sack of peanuts. i think the importance of those things get forgotten about. i feel good about this kind of support, because i know where my money is going. i really don't have much to, really, i don' i want to do Good Things with it. this week i committed to supporting a podcast, a traveling show and several bird and squirrel families in my neighbourhood. :)

*** i've honestly had it with the whole Live Your Dream faction of the internet. so much of it is, at worst,  criminally misleading...or at best, smoke-and-mirrors to hide the empty platitudes. the short and long answer, both, is to just do your Thing...with your whole heart and for the right reasons. serve your greater Why. that's all. if anybody tries to sell you anything else, run screaming.