things that don't suck

IMG_0376 I hate to leave things on a note of disgruntlement -- genuine though that disgruntlement may be -- besides, I always feels better once the burden of snark has been lifted.

So, other than chocolate and tea and venting here on ye olde blogge, here's what has lifted me from the mire this past while:

This podcast.  After weeks of immersion in self-publishing podcasts [very helpful but with a tendency toward high-speed hysteria], this was like a deep exhale. Permission to be my own writerly self [quiet, ruminative, somewhat plodding] and with a generous dollop of 'me too'. Highly recommended for all writers. I've been binge-listening while sitting in the dark, drinking tea, possibly curled up in the fetal position.

This post.  It absolutely says everything I wish I had the time/energy/nerve to say about the social climate of the internets, especially in the realms of business-building.

I've made my peace with the fact that I simply do not have the intestinal fortitude to play the [apparently necessary] Game of online marketing/promoting.  But I still feel as if I've something to contribute. <---- see what I did there? So I'm going to keep writing and publishing my stories. I'm also going to write here with little or no forethought beyond what's on my mind at that moment - whether it be snark, garden planning or irrelevant photos of horses with Ood-like whisker attachments. [see below]. I am a writer and this is my life - in all of it's unglamourous, possibly disappointing, glory.



♥ Along similar lines - this post - I have a secret wish that I could move more gently through the world - it's a difficult task for one with such a mercurial temperament as myself, but it's something to which to aspire. I find places like Lesley's to be incredibly soothing to my frayed edges.

♥ It wouldn't be a proper post about Good Things if I didn't mention books:

Witch Light/Corrag by Susan Fletcher  - the title varies depending where you are in the world but nonetheless, one of the most brilliant books I've read recently.

Notes from Walnut Tree Farm by Roger Deakin. - I'm savouring this one, only allowing myself short indulgences because I don't want it to be over. I've a loaded shopping cart at The Book Depository with his other books and some of Robert MacFarlane's...I have to keep talking myself down from hitting 'checkout'.

I've just begun A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and after a bit of a struggle with the beginning, I'm slowly being drawn into the story.  I realize there's been a great deal of enthusiasm for this book [and the whole trilogy] and maybe it's just because I'm in a state of revision myself, but I'm struggling to get past the evidence of some rather poor editing <-- which is obviously no reflection on the author or the story --which is a bit of a distraction.

If you read the reviews on Goodreads, you'll quickly see it's either a Loved It! or Hated It! book. I reserve judgement as I'm only a few chapters in. ;)

The work of Sharon Blackie.  I can't say enough good things.  Her work is a quiet, and much more organized and concise!, affirmation of the things in which I fervently believe.

Right -- that's it for now. Hope your weekend has been deliriously wonderful.

~m. xo