where the heart lies

i call it "twiggy house". it's the most wonderful pile of tree-trimmings that have been heaped up...making a marvelous place for all manner of birds and small things to hide and rest and live. i have myself a big grin every time i walk past it. as it turned out, i did to a bit of noodling on things.

not in any desperately formal way. there were no workbooks, no Probing and Meaningful journal prompts. i haven't chosen a Word or Phrase to guide me through the next twelve months. i've tried all of that in the past, and while i suppose it's very helpful for lots of people, it generally just leaves me with something with which to self-flagellate at a later date.

i've decided to give up that particular brand of self-recrimination.

i saw an image in a magazine the other day -- it was a chalkboard with the phrase:   [stag_icon icon="quote-left" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"] To know where your heart lies, see where your mind wanders [stag_icon icon="quote-right" url="" size="10px" new_window="no"] --  it quite staggered me.

so simple and yet so incredibly profound.

especially for someone like me with the proverbial monkey-mind. (if my mind was a person, it'd be a toddler, high on sugar and food colouring #453*)

anyway - where does my mind wander, most frequently and consistently, that is?


i know, not terribly exciting, is it?

but this little patch, the people - human and non - which inhabit it....that is where my mind wanders most often.  even the wandering side-trips i take, even those are in service of Home. how can i manage to spend more time here? how can i improve life here? what does this space, my people, need?

so i've spent the last few days pottering about:  tidying, cleaning, putting things to rights. the tree is down and languishing in the Christmas tree graveyard. the decorations are all boxed up and put away for another year.  i've got another day off work tomorrow and i'll be doing a bit more of the same.

of course, in between bouts of activity, there have been the requisite cups of tea and huddling in the book-fort. i picked up the latest (last?) book of the Blackthorn and Grim books by Juliet Marillier at the library on Wednesday. i also watched series one of Home Fires - which i absolutely loved - and am gutted to know didn't come back after a second round. whyever not?

but other than that, just quietly hunkering down - leaving the busyworld to itself.

many people that i know are glad to see the back end of 2016 and while, on a global scale it's been utterly horrid, on a personal scale, nowhere near as horrid as 2015 was for me.

the earth is resting and so then, if i'm to do and be everything that i intend -  so then, must  i.

~m. xo

*i don't know if that's an actual food-colouring, but i do know that food-colouring and other alarming additives can have sinister effects on small children. case-in-point: girl-child, as a very small person, would go absolutely bat-crackers after eating Cheesies. we blamed it on the Cheesie dust and thereby banned aforementioned item from family parties. :)