where was i?

after losing far too many hours wrestling with iTunes over the weekend, i've declared myself Over the internet. again.

well, mostly i'm just Over all-things-Apple.

just me, or has it become an Evil Empire?  [apple]. < - see what i did there?


i have an ancient iPod -- circa 2008 or so -- and now i can't get it to communicate with iTunes.  mostly because iTunes and Windows 10 don't get on very well.

i'm blaming Apple for that.

i won't continue my anti-Apple diatribe. [you're welcome]  suffice it to say, i've quaffed the Apple-flavoured Kool-Aid for long enough, and won't be quaffing anymore.

*cough* restrictive *cough* exclusionary *cough* incompatible headphone jack *cough*




i think i overdid it in the digi-verse with the whole August Break challenge on The Instagram.

speaking of which, girl-child and i completed the challenge and so will be getting our Brilliant Thing - only it seems a little less Brilliant in light of being fed up with taking photos.

we were meant to be getting ourselves a Proper Camera but neither one of us has mentioned actually going out to get one. perhaps that's a sign.

or maybe it's just something else to lay at the feet of social media. that of having sucked the joy out of taking photos - which we previously enjoyed.



what else?

oh, i had the recent revelation that i no longer need to pay people money to tell me things i already know.

that's revolutionary, don't you think?

i just need to execute the things that i already know.

which is usually where i wobble.

nevertheless, epiphanies were had.


speaking of epiphanies....here's a brilliant one by my lovely friend, Lisa.

she's one of my Sheroes and i want to be just like her when i grow up.

she's the Thelma to my Louise.

one day, we'll get to meet in person and then the world will rock on its axis.

you've been warned.


it's the autumn equinox this week and yet *laughs hysterically* the weather forecast for Thursday shows a humidex of 35C.

i'm not amused.

but i am amused by this little gem....i nabbed a screenshot before the typo was discovered but it tickled my heat-befuddled funny bone. [check out the low for September 25]


*wipes tear*

oh, those Weather Network jokesters! as if their largely inaccurate forecasts weren't already fodder for ridicule.

bearing in mind, the forecast above -- observed about a week ago --  looks nothing like the one i saw earlier today.

i don't know why they bother with long-range forecasts.


and on that note, i bid you, Dear Reader, a marvelous week.

~m. xo