why no nano

img_1350 so, i'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

i wrote Sea Bride during November of last year and while it felt all kinds of brilliant, i'm not sure, a year later, that i'm fully recovered from the experience.

i hadn't actually decided i wasn't doing it until i realized it was already November 1st and i hadn't signed up.


one of the reasons i always swore i'd never participate is because November is a profoundly stupid month for me to immerse myself in anything that isn't tucking the house and garden in for the winter or focusing on the impending Holidays.  i think that's partly why i felt so wrung out at the end of last year's escapade. sure, i had over 50,000 words of a novel written but my house was a disaster and i was way behind on my Chrimbly preparations.


i could probably do January.

truth is, i'm singularly uninspired just now.

i've been noodling away in my notebooks - character sketches, scenes, vague plot outlines -- but i'm torn between two very different projects and i can't decide which to choose.

do i go with the children's book or the other one?

decisions, decisions.

i'm quite aware that having just written that i'm not feeling the urge to write, i'll start writing again.

that's just how i roll. i'm nothing if not contrary.



in other news, my worlds collided recently* and while i like to pretend i'm all Okay With That, it still gives me a severe case of the collywobbles. hence, i'm showing up here today without anything really purposeful to say in order force myself to NOT disappear off the edge of the digital planet... which is what every cell of my being is screaming at me to do.


not related to that, i'm resolving to spend more time in a state of analogue.  i've felt a spectacular lack of groundedness lately....i'm all adrift and floaty and not in a good way.  too much time on the interwebs does that to me...i feel all unraveled.

so it's back to the quiet rhythms of....well....quiet.

ah quiet: it's an unsung joy in the Busy world...especially as the holiday hysteria starts to build....

....oh, and there's the timer just gone off. the lemon bars are ready to come out of the oven.

i'll put the kettle on.

the bars should be cool by the time you get here.

~m. xo

* i delude myself into thinking i can keep my life tidily compartmentalized -- my real world and my digital world.  of course, i knew, going in, that by throwing myself out into the world of self-publishing, i was bound to be 'found out' eventually.  there's a strange pathology there, though, isn't there? i still have a very real reluctance to admit to people that i write.

ps. have you seen this beautiful space? the world needs more of this, i think. xo