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tea and books. also, paintbox and fountain pen.

Much as I enjoy the process of writing and the exercise of my own skill and craft in getting it right, none the less I would often prefer to be a jotter.

Jottings, in their spontaneity and complete absence of any craft, are often so much truer to what I actually feel or think at a given moment.

| Roger Deakin, Notes from Walnut Tree Farm


excerpt from my notebook scribblings....

It seems to be my lot to discover wonderful writers and thinkers once they're already lost to the world.  Writers who speak a language that I recognize, and in that recognition, feel an instant kinship; I feel less alone, they make me feel seen.  John O'Donohue is one of these - and now, Roger Deakin.

Devouring...Notes From Walnut Tree Farm.

I'm convinced, were I not such a shy, socially-awkward, introvert, and he not already dead, we'd have marvelous conversations.  I would have pointed out the contradiction inherent in his disapproval of dogs and horses and his preference for cats. Cats, after all, cause as much, if not more, destruction and ravishment of the countryside.

But mostly I'd have just liked to sit and listen to him, to nod my agreements and share his outrages. I think we'd agree on mostly everything - other than the dogs & horses vs. cats issue.

Why do these brilliant people leave us so soon? Imagine what we're missing without them.


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