In addition to a great fondness of Actual Letters, ie. of the snail-mail variety, I also (occasionally) tap out those of the digital variety. I find that, on the shifting sands of the digital universe, putting all one’s writerly eggs into someone else’s basket (platform) can be a dubious thing. Also, I frequently embark upon existential retreat in which I drop off the edge of the digital world for periods of time, sending only infrequent postcards from my exile. These letters are the container for just those postcards.

of ravens and roses: a Tinyletter

This is my not-blog….it’s the place where I write when I feel like I’d rather talk to people “in-person”. It’s where I go when I feel the glare of the public domain to be a bit too blinding and when there are things I want to write about that I don’t want all and sundry to stumble across on the interwebs.

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the ink blot: writing and creativity from Three ravens press

This letter has evolved several times over the years. It started as a place for musings on creativity, then it was mostly just for updates/news on my indie publishing ventures and now it’s morphing back to its original purpose. Which is to say, a hodge-podge of thoughts - dangerous and otherwise - on creativity, writing and publishing and everything in between. As of 10.6.18 it’s on a bit of hiatus, but feel free and subscribe for future releases.

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Both of my letters are GDPR-compliant and I pinkie-promise to never, ever, ever clutter your inbox with random crap. I’m just not like that.